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Time Limits For A Solicitor Negligence Claim

As with any claim there are time limitations for making a claim.

Although accident claims have to be commenced within three years of the accident, claims against solicitors for negligence need only be commenced within six years of the negligence occurring. Time limits (limitation) have been laid down in statute for different types of claims.

In most professional negligence cases, the limit is six years from the date of the negligence occurring Sometimes, however, if the negligence has not become evident till later, this time limit may be extended. This could extend to a further six years from the date of the discovered negligence.

If a claim is brought late the defendant will have a strong and often indisputable defence. For further information regarding the time limits of a solicitor negligence claim see Official Judiciary Document or contact Brian Barr.

The importance of these time limits can be shown in a recent case in which Brian Barr secured £650,000 of compensation for their client. After receiving the case in August 2014 the time limit for the case was October of the same year. Brian Barr acted immediately, allowing the case to proceed and to be successful.

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