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Case Studies

Brian Barr are one of the country’s most successful law firms for winning claims related to Fibromyalgia, CRPS, serious and catastrophic injuries.

Maybe you suffered an injury in an accident, have been diagnosed with a condition and are struggling to claim what you’re owed from an insurance policy, or have already been through the claims process with another solicitor but you received too low compensation. If so, Brian Barr may be able to help.

Here are some examples of how we have helped other people in your situation.


Fibromyalgia sufferer changes to Brian Barr Solicitors and secures significant settlement

Following a road traffic accident, Mr L developed a chronic pain condition focussed in his lower back, and a disabling central sensitivity syndrome, specifically fibromyalgia syndrome. Mr L’s insurer referred him to a claims management company to pursue his personal injury claim, however two years later Mr L became increasingly dissatisfied with his solicitor for his lack of understanding of the complexity of chronic pain syndrome and fibromyalgia, and changed to Brian Barr Solicitors. With the help of specialist solicitors who were able to understand the complexities of this particular case, Mr L received a significant settlement.

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Brian Barr Solicitors secure six figure settlement for lorry driver involved in RTA

Mr C, a lorry driver, was involved in a RTA in March 2015. When unloading a preloaded lorry at his point of delivery, the cage of goods tipped over falling on him and causing him to sustain injuries. The accident was caused by the negligence and breach of statutory duty of his employer, failing to make suitable assessment of the health & safety risks, and Mr C was awarded £340,000.

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Brian Barr wins a £1,500,000 settlement for CRPS sufferer

Mr D. was a young man working for an electrical firm. He was injured at work when another colleague lifted a cable and caught Mr D.’s foot, causing him to trip. He suffered a Lisfranc fracture to his foot and needed an operation. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) soon developed. Brian Barr solicitors settled the case for £1,500,000 shortly before the Trial.

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Fibromyalgia sufferer receives £1.5M in compensation following a road traffic accident

Ms O. was involved in a road traffic accident when a vehicle collided with the rear of her vehicle at around 30mph. Initially it appeared that she had suffered relatively minor injuries. However, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia was made later by her GP. Solicitor, Alex Cohen of Brian Barr Solicitors and Counsel, Marcus Grant of Temple Garden Chambers were able to secure a large settlement for her.

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£4million for long-suffering CRPS patient

After being involved in a slipping accident that had the most tragic of consequences, KM was diagnosed with CRPS. In 2015, her left leg was amputated below the knee, which changed her life forever. Brian Barr Solicitors worked with her to make sure she received the compensation she deserved.

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£560k for Fibromyalgia sufferer after claimant fell at work

Steven Akerman of Brian Barr Solicitors acts on behalf of sufferer, alongside Counsel Marcus Grant of Temple Garden Chambers.

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£120k compensation for Fibromyalgia patient after accident at work

Brian Barr Solicitors help to secure huge payout for AB after she was involved in an unfortunate incident at work, whereby she slipped on water on the floor.

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£375k payout for CRPS caused by a fall at work

Ms Barnett twisted her knee after a slipping accident at work in 2012. The fall was caused by a large spillage of water near a fridge on the floor of the kitchen of an elderly care home she was working in. Later down the line, she developed CRPS. Luckily, Ms Barnett was able to instruct specialist solicitor, Steven Akerman, and Marcus Grant Counsel, from Temple Garden Chambers, who worked to secure an advantageous settlement on her behalf.

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Fibromyalgia patient receives £330k payout following road traffic accident

Matthew H received a payment of £330k after a major personal injury solicitors firm had failed to investigate his condition properly and had only been willing to award him with £1,810 for their accident claim, even though Matthew had developed fibromyalgia as a result of the incident.

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£230k payout for Fibromyalgia following serious car crash

After being involved in a road traffic accident, Mrs Glenister started to experience neck pain before going on to develop widespread symptoms of headache and facial pain, as well as pain in her hands and wrists. She was later diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. We helped her to earn the compensation she was owed.

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£120k for Fibromyalgia & PTSD sufferer

Following a collision with a lorry at a roundabout, Helen McLean, began to experience a range of symptoms and was diagnosed with PTSD and fibromyalgia. Her prognosis was poor going forward and her life was affected very badly. Brian Barr Solicitors navigated through the difficult medical issues associated with the case to secure an appropriate settlement on her behalf.

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How we won £1.5m for Fibromyalgia caused by an accident at work

Mrs G.L. of Norwich was a carer who was involved in two lifting incidents at work in June and September 2004. Within 6 months of the second accident she had been diagnosed with the widespread chronic pain condition Fibromyalgia.

Proving liability was difficult but it was eventually determined it was the Local Authority that had not provided the correct lifting equipment. Liability was resolved against the local authority on a 70/30 basis in favour of Mrs G.L. The matter was resolved in a joint settlement meeting in early November 2012. The claim was settled in the sum of £2.14 million gross, £1.5 Million net (after 30% reduction for liability of Mrs G.L.)
How we won £900,000 for CRPS caused by an accident at work

44-year-old Neil Swift suffered from CPRS following an incident at work. In the incident Neil damaged his radial artery, median nerve and flexor tendons. He developed CRPS for which he underwent a median nerve block, Guanethidine blocks, physiotherapy, Pain Management, a Sympathectomy and a nerve graft. Sadly this led to him loosing nearly all function in his left arm and hand. In the early stages the Company took responsibility for the expose to risk and situation he was put in. Some responsibility was placed on Neil himself, which led to a 15% discount of the final settlement. Brian Barr managed to negotiate Claims for damages that were made up of various different aspects. In Neil’s claim a rough breakdown of the full claim (before the 15% discount was applied) is as follows:

Pain and suffering – £100,000
Interest – £4,500
Ongoing treatment costs – £25,000
Past loss of earnings – £90,000
Interest – £828.
Future loss of earnings – £400,000
Pension – £25,000
Past care – £35,000
Miscellaneous expenses (including interest) – £50,000
Transport, aids and equipment and expenses (including interest) – £26,692
Future care – £308,057

This payout will help Neil and his family in his future life.

How we won £357,000 for a Critical Illness Insurance claim that was initially refused

46-year-old Mr GR was a successful company director who had taken out a Critical Illness Insurance Policy for £356,903. When his symptoms developed and had caused him to give up his job due to incapacity he made a claim against his insurance policy. They refused. Mr GR appointed Brian Barr who instructed a Consultant Rheumatologist. He confirmed the Fibromyalgia diagnosis and more importantly made it clear Mr GR would not be able to go back to work with the condition at this severity. In the face of this evidence, Mr GR’s insurers agreed to settle the claim in full.

How we won nearly £1m for an under-settled road accident claim

Mrs R P of Kent was in a road accident. Her solicitors settled the claim on the basis that she had a whiplash injury. In fact, it was clear from her medical records that she had developed fibromyalgia. We obtained all her medical records and an independent rheumatologist’s report. This indicated that she had developed fibromyalgia as a consequence of the road accident. She was unable to work and needed a good deal of care and assistance with household tasks. This was likely to last for a lengthy period.
We recovered nearly £1million for Mrs R P from the insurance company representing her previous solicitors.

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