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Critical Illness Claims News

Scientists discover new human pain gene

Restless Leg Syndrome linked to Fibromyalgia

ME sufferers stage a protest at the Department of Health

Irish doctor says ME can be cured

Even celebrities suffer from chronic pain

Women suffer more from chronic pain than men

People with ME banned from giving blood

Virus Linked to Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

New survey Gives Patients with “Invisible” Illnesses a Chance to Speak Out About How They Are Treated

New study suggests practicing Tai Chi regularly can ease Fibromyalgia pain

What rights can you expect when you’re off work due to critical illness?

Conference taking place for sufferers of Chronic Fatique Syndrome and ME

Could a lawsuit be good for your health?

Security guard injured in his course of work wins nearly £300,000 in damages

Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis need earlier diagnosis and better access to care

Brian Barr win £357,000 Critical Illness payout

£45,000 Payout for Fibromyalgia Sufferer
£103,891 Payout for Fibromyalgia Sufferer under Insurance Policy
Brian Barr Solicitors obtain £419,000 for Fibromyalgia claimant after Court Battle
£150,000 payout for FM sufferer under critical illness policy
Brian Barr Win Full £100,000 Insurance Claim for Norwich Woman

Swansea Teacher Succeeds in Unfair Dismissal Claim
Important Result for Cancer Sufferer

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