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Ankylosing Spondylitis Compensation Case Study

The Claimant and his family were passengers on an airbus travelling from Manchester to Ibiza. On landing at Ibiza airport the airbus brakes failed, causing it to slide approximately 200 yards off the runway into scrubland. There was a marked smell of smoke and the passengers were evacuated using the emergency chutes.

The Claimant sustained psychological injuries, minor physical injuries (scratches and bruises to his leg) as a result of the accident and exacerbation of his pre-existing ankylosing spondylitis condition. The scratches and bruises resolved within a few days of the accident but he required Ibuprofen treatment for the exacerbation of his pre-existing ankylosing spondylitis condition. He had a full range of movement but experienced pain at the limits of the normal range.

This Claimant was only off work for one day as a result of his condition but it was considered that, with the psychological injuries (post-traumatic stress disorder) he would make a slow recovery which would take between two to three years from the accident.

This 59 year old male was driving along the road when the Defendant collided with the rear near side of his vehicle. He suffered injuries and brought an action alleging that the Defendant was negligent in his driving. The Defendant admitted responsibility and the Claimant sought damages for the soft tissue injuries to his neck and back that he had suffered in the accident.

He could not work for four weeks. He was unable to walk for long distances and could not carry out manual tasks involving maintaining his home. He also suffered from sleep disturbance. The accident aggravated a pre-existing ankylosing spondylitis condition by two years and during this time the Claimant suffered from increased pain and stiffness in his neck and back. He also suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and travel anxiety.

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