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Understanding Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is an intense disorder, causing unending agony for sufferers. Find out more.

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a neurological condition that can strike at any age. At the moment, there are no tests for diagnosing CRPS and there is no cure, however experts are continuing with their research to find out more about the condition that affects approximately 1 in 3,800 people each year in the UK. As expert CRPS lawyers handling compensation claims on a daily basis, we know all there is to know about the disease – continue reading to learn more.

Complex regional pain syndrome is a painful disease, usually affecting one limb (arm, leg, hand or foot) as the result of an injury or trauma. The condition is rare, extremely difficult to diagnose, and has often been referred to as the single worst source of pain – even worse than childbirth and amputation. Sufferers are known to experience changes in skin colour, swelling and/ or severe burning pain, even if the burning part of their body feels cold to others.

Doctors and specialists have accepted that CRPS has three main stages, each complete with its own set of individual symptoms and discomforts. As CRPS is notorious for its difficult diagnosis, some sufferers have been known to wait 4 years to receive affirmation that they have the condition which has had a severe impact on their daily lives as a result.

Upon diagnosis, there are a number of things that sufferers can do to ease pain and improve everyday life:

– Taking part in mild, low-impact exercises such as swimming and walking in order to keep fit and healthy. Plus, you will be able to maintain strength and function in the limb that is affected by CRPS.

– Currently, there is no link between diet and complex regional pain syndrome, however sticking to a healthy, balanced diet is important for your overall wellbeing. In addition, there is evidence that high doses of Vitamin C help during the initial stages of CRPS.

– If you wish to continue working, we advise that you speak to your employer about your condition.

– Living with complex regional pain syndrome can lower morale and can ultimately lead to depression. Therefore, it’s important to tackle any problem by talking about negative feelings with your healthcare team, family or friends.

At Brian Barr, we have vast experience as CRPS lawyers and have worked with many sufferers over the years. Take a look at one of our testimonials here. If you’re a sufferer and want to find out if you have a valid CRPS insurance claim, get in touch with our team for advice.

We do not endorse any research, studies or sources mentioned within our blogs and comments. Furthermore, we do not endorse any medical advice provided, and would strongly recommend anyone seeking medical advice to contact their local healthcare provider.

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