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Taking Sick Leave Due To Workplace Stress

Dear Brian,

I went on long-term sick leave from my job due to workplace stress. I have been working about 70 hours per week (this was not considered unusual) and I was ill-treated by senior-management. I finally conked out. I have exhausted my sick pay entitlement and do not receive any benefits. I received a small “pay-off” from my employers and they have now appointed a younger, cheaper person in my place. I had hoped to continue in my profession at the same workplace until my retirement age. I am in my mid fifties.

Dear James,

You do not say when you went on long-term sick leave from the job nor when or how you were ill-treated by senior-management. You may have a claim for personal injuries against your employers for working you too hard and ill-treating you. I would have to know much more about when this all happened and what the circumstances were before I could make any judgement. There is a three year time limit for bringing claims, so that if you were ill-treated within the last three years, you might well have a chance of a claim. These cases are very fact-sensitive. If you had a breakdown because you were working too hard, but management were not made aware of the difficulties, a case called Walker v. Northumberland County Council would make it very difficult for you to claim. If, however, you had already been ill or, for some other reason, senior management knew hat you were being overworked or ill-treated (or they were doing the ill-treatment), then you might well have a claim.

Brian Barr

The above article appeared in Fibromyalgia Magazine.

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