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Did I Develop Fibromyalgia As A Result Of An Accident?

Signed DocumentDear Brian

I would like to know whether the Fibromyalgia that I have developed is because I was in a road accident. My doctor says it could just be coincidence. How do I know whether it has been brought on by the road accident or not?



Dear Kate

The doctors whom we instruct for our clients will generally ask themselves the same sort of questions when trying to work out whether the accident has been the trigger for the Fibromyalgia.

They will want to be sure that there were no pain complaints before the accident similar to those experienced after it and they will obviously be looking for a history of a trauma such as a sudden, acute trauma as happens when your car is hit by another one.

The doctor will see whether your pain ever disappeared completely at any stage. He will want to know whether it continues to be a problem even though it may have improved, stayed the same or worsened.

You will appreciate that lots of people who develop pain after an accident will not develop Fibromyalgia. It takes time for the Fibromyalgia to become apparent and doctors will generally wait at least six months from the onset of the accident to make a definite diagnosis. The jerking of the neck in an accident will often cause soft tissue injuries which could go away within weeks or may take several months. By six months, the major healing of soft tissues, sprains or other injuries would have occurred, leaving the doctor able to make a reliable diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and link it back to the accident if that was the probable trigger.


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