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Is It Too Late To Change Solicitors?

Dear BrianI contacted you in early 2013 regarding my personal injury claim. Following an accident at work, I developed Fibromyalgia. Back then, you told me that you would be very happy to take ove...

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A Workplace Injury Triggered My Fibromyalgia – Can I Claim?

Dear BrianI used to be a teacher at a unit for disturbed young women. There was a rule that no member of staff could be left alone with two or more young women. On the day of my accident I was due...

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Brian Barr Win £125,000 For Fibromyalgia Claim

When Mrs L refused to accept her previous solicitor’s advice to take only £3750, they dropped her case. She instructed Brian Barr Solicitors and obtained a settlement of £125,000.Mrs L was inv...

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