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The Process Of Suing A Solicitor For Negligence

If you have suffered from solicitor negligence in the past and want to bring a claim, then read our blog to learn more.  When a solicitor fails to act professionally to the standards expecte...

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Is It Too Late To Change Solicitors?

Dear BrianI contacted you in early 2013 regarding my personal injury claim. Following an accident at work, I developed Fibromyalgia. Back then, you told me that you would be very happy to take ove...

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Has My Solicitor Been Negligent Regarding My Fibromyalgia Claim?

Dear BrianI was involved in a road accident in 2006. I never felt better after the accident and in 2008 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I had been well before the accident and I told my solicit...

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Could My Road Accident Be Linked To My Fibromyalgia?

Dear Brian,I suffered a neck and back injury as a result of a road accident in 1998. I instructed solicitors, the other party admitted liability and I settled my claim for £2,100 in January 2000....

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