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How To Find A Pain Management Clinic & What To Expect

If you suffer from chronic pain syndrome. and if you’re finding that ordinary medication isn’t helping, your doctor may recommend that you attend a pain management clinic.These clinics do more...

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How To Cope With Chronic Pain

Whether you have lived with chronic pain syndrome for years, or have only recently begun to suffer with it, we thought you might be interested to discover three tried-and-tested techniques for pain re...

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Reduce Chronic Pain Symptoms With These Daily Habits

Living with chronic pain can be tough at the best of times, but staying positive and keeping active can be a great way to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, as well as helping to beat the blu...

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Treating Fibromyalgia With Magnesium & Malic Acid

There has been some evidence to suggest that a deficiency in magnesium may contribute to causing a number of autoimmune diseases and other conditions. Researchers are now investigating the possibilit...

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Taking Part In Meditation For Pain Relief

If you are in significant physical pain, even a short period of meditation will help, a new study suggests.According to researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in North Carolina, just 80...

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