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Defendant’s Insurance Company Withdrawing Liability

Dear BrianI had an accident and brought a claim. The insurance company for the other side admitted responsibility for the accident and our side proceeded on that basis. However, my solicitor now t...

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Making A Medical Negligence Claim For An Old Incident

Dear BrianMy Uncle had a triple heart bypass four years ago and, as a result of what we believe was negligence by the hospital, his brain was starved of oxygen and he has gone on to develop severe...

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Twitter, Facebook & Lawyers

These days, anybody who is anybody has a Twitter account or is a member of Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube. Social network sites are very much in fashion and for many of you who are stuck at home more t...

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Insurers Won’t Pay Out For My Critical Illness Insurance Policy

Question:I have bad Fibromyalgia and not been able to work for twelve months.  I have a Critical Illness Insurance Policy but the insurers will not pay out.  They say that Fibromyalgia is not on...

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Do You Have Legal Expenses Insurance?

Question: I have heard that litigation can take years, but I have had to give up my job and am having money problems. Is there anything I can do?Answer: If you are making a claim, check whether yo...

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