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The Highway Authority Have Denied Liability For My Accident

Dear BrianI was injured when I fell off my bicycle because of a defect in the road. The Highway Authority accepted responsibility for my accident. We then started a legal case and in their Defence...

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Defendant’s Insurance Company Withdrawing Liability

Dear BrianI had an accident and brought a claim. The insurance company for the other side admitted responsibility for the accident and our side proceeded on that basis. However, my solicitor now t...

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A Neurologist Report That Doesn’t Support My Fibromyalgia Claim

Dear Brian,I was involved in an accident at work in which I banged my head and developed concussion. Subsequently, I developed Fibromyalgia and I believe that the accident may have played a part i...

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Do I Have A Claim 8 years After My Accident?

Dear BrianMy son, now aged 20, had an accident in a cinema when he was 12. The cinema chair broke and he landed heavily on the floor, injuring his back. We were not aware of the full extent of the...

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Personal Injury Claims & Benefits

Dear BrianI receive State Benefits, but I am now about to receive a substantial amount of money in compensation for my personal injury claim.  I suppose my benefits have to end.  Is that correct...

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Wearing A Helmet & Damages Claim

Dear BrianI was recently involved in a road accident where I was in a collision with a cyclist. He was not wearing a helmet. Not so long ago a friend of mine was in an accident in a car and he was...

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What Happens If I’ve Passed The 3 Year Limit For Making A Claim?

Dear BrianI was involved in an accident in July 2009. I hurt my neck. I did not think that it was anything particularly serious and I did not make a claim about it. However, it never really got be...

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Twitter, Facebook & Lawyers

These days, anybody who is anybody has a Twitter account or is a member of Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube. Social network sites are very much in fashion and for many of you who are stuck at home more t...

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