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Overcoming Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are often symptomatic of living with chronic pain. Here, we explore ways to overcome them.  Research shows that around 30-50% of people living with chronic pain also s...

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Chronic Pain Syndrome & Depression

Chronic pain makes everyday life extremely difficult for sufferers and, as a result, many go on to develop depression. Learn more in our blog.  Chronic pain syndrome is typically described a...

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Living With Fibromyalgia & Depression

Living with Fibromyalgia can mean living in isolation.Getting out of the house to take part in everyday activities or spending time with friends and family can be a major challenge. Some find it i...

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Reduce Chronic Pain Symptoms With These Daily Habits

Living with chronic pain can be tough at the best of times, but staying positive and keeping active can be a great way to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, as well as helping to beat the blu...

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Blue Monday

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself struggling to get out of bed on Monday 20th of this month, according to some reports you certainly won’t be feeling alone in this phenomenon.  Widely consi...

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