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Brian Barr Win £125,000 For Fibromyalgia Claim

When Mrs L refused to accept her previous solicitor’s advice to take only £3750, they dropped her case. She instructed Brian Barr Solicitors and obtained a settlement of £125,000.

Mrs L was involved in a frightening workplace accident in June 2006 when she was struck by a fork lift truck driven by a colleague. Mrs L was fortunate not to suffer any broken bones in the accident and it seemed at first that she had had a lucky escape. However, in the months following the accident Mrs L developed chronic widespread pain and fatigue. Subsequently she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

Prior to the accident, Mrs L had led a full and active life. She was the mother of 6 children and worked full-time. As her Fibromyalgia took hold, Mrs L experienced bouts of crippling fatigue and widespread pain. She was forced to give up work and was unable to care for her family. She built up significant debts and was in danger of losing her home.

Mrs L’s Trade Union appointed a firm of solicitors to represent her. Her solicitors obtained a report from an Orthopaedic Surgeon that concluded that Mrs L’s Fibromyalgia was not linked to the accident. On the basis of this report, her solicitors recommended that she accept a settlement of £3750, refusing to continue acting for her if she would not accept.

Mrs L refused the offer and in February 2010 she instructed Brian Barr Solicitors. We obtained a report from a Consultant Rheumatologist which concluded that Mrs L had developed Fibromyalgia as a direct result of the workplace accident. The Defendants obtained their own reports from a Rheumatologist and a Psychiatrist. The reports disputed the link between the accident and Mrs L’s Fibromyalgia.

As the case moved towards trial, the parties arranged a Joint Settlement Meeting at which offers were exchanged. Mrs L eventually accepted a settlement offer of £125,000. Mrs L was understandably pleased that the case was successfully resolved and delighted at the result, which was so much better than her previous solicitors had recommended. Mrs L said: “Excellent Service. After a bad experience with a previous solicitor, Brian Barr Solicitors were like a breath of fresh air. Not only were they very professional and diligent in the service that they provided, they also listened to everything that I had to say in a truly caring and sincere manner. I would highly recommend them to others”.

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