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Will Going On Holiday Jeopardise My Fibromyalgia Compensation Claim?

On Twitter this evening, I was asked the following question: "If I go away on holiday, will publicising this on my Facebook page prejudice my Fibromyalgia claim?”. It has been known in the past th...

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Making A Claim Under Permanent Disability

On Twitter today, I was asked the following question: "How long would you have to wait before making a claim under permanent disability? Suffering with CRPS/Fibro". As soon as it looks like the disa...

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Taking Sick Leave Due To Workplace Stress

Dear Brian,I went on long-term sick leave from my job due to workplace stress. I have been working about 70 hours per week (this was not considered unusual) and I was ill-treated by senior-managem...

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Is Yoga Better Than NHS Treatment For Chronic Back Pain?

Yoga can provide more effective treatment for chronic lower back pain than the more conventional methods of GP care, according to a new study.The research, carried out by the University of York an...

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