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Solicitor Negligence & Suing A Solicitor

Can I sue a solicitor? The simple answer is yes.

Solicitors do make mistakes. When you choose to use the services of a professional solicitor you are relying on their personal expertise to help you get the best outcome possible for your claim.

Personal Injury Solicitors deal with claims brought to them by clients who have suffered from a range of injuries, be they short-term or life changing. Upon signing an agreement with a personal injury solicitor authorising them to represent you, you are very much putting yourself in their hands. For this reason it is of vital importance that your solicitor takes all aspects of your claim into account when negotiating the compensation you stand to receive.

If your personal injury solicitor does not take into account all the potential aspects or future repercussions of your claim such as the development of fibromyalgia, you could find yourself accepting a compensation settlement that is unfair and does not meet your needs or potential future needs.

If you feel that your claim has been under-settled or that your solicitor has failed to re-assess your case after a later diagnosis of a far more serious condition than the one for which you received compensation, Brian Barr may be able to sue your solicitor for failing to represent you properly.

Even if the Solicitor you were dealing with has disappeared or is no longer trading, a claim can still be made, as all solicitors have to have professional indemnity insurance in place. This is registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Negligence claims can also be made against solicitors who were working on a ‘Pro Bono’ basis, as the same duty of care towards your case is expected as with any other solicitor.

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