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Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Brian Barr Solicitors are lawyers who act for sufferers of Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) throughout England and Wales.

This painful musculo-skeletal condition is a common cause of musculo-skeletal pain. It is diagnosed by trigger points, tender spots on the body which when pressed will frequently cause the pain to be felt elsewhere.

Trigger points are often caused by sudden trauma to muscles, ligaments or tendons or through an injury to discs in the spine.

If you have developed MPS following an accident for which you were not to blame, Brian Barr may well be able to help you in bringing a claim for compensation. Equally, if you have an insurer who does not believe that the condition is causing you significant disability, we may be able to assist you where there is a critical illness policy or accident protection plan. To contact us, click here.

These are difficult cases and we have built up a database of medical experts to assist in bringing about a successful claim.

If you have legal expenses insurance, you may have been told that you are obliged to use the insurer’s panel solicitor. That is not necessarily the case. For more information, click here.

Funding your case may not be a problem. To find out why, click here.

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