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Is It Too Late To Change Solicitors?

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I contacted you in early 2013 regarding my personal injury claim. Following an accident at work, I developed Fibromyalgia. Back then, you told me that you would be very happy to take over my case, but I was nervous about changing solicitor and decided not to move. Unfortunately, I think I made the wrong decision. I prepared a Witness Statement, but it did not go into much detail and the Solicitor did not check it at the time. The Defendant obtained DVD surveillance of me and alleged I had been dishonest. I have not been dishonest – I am badly disabled – but my doctors feel that I have been discredited and my claim is now worth very little. This all seems so unfair. The final hearing is due to take place in August, but the Solicitor is urging me to settle now for a fraction of what he was previously seeking. Is there any way you could take over the case now and try to put things right?

Thank you



Dear Todd

In 2013 I thought you had a potentially valuable claim. It was a great pity that you decided not to transfer over to us then.

You have now come to us at a very late stage asking us whether we can put things right. I very much doubt it. The doctors have made up their minds and it would be difficult to change them. It is almost certainly too late to bring new doctors into the case. Even if it would be possible, it would be a very expensive process for you.

It did occur to me that you might want to settle the claim on the best terms that you could obtain and then ask us to look over the files. We could see whether a claim could be brought against your Solicitor for not running the case properly. However, it may well be that he did an average, competent job, but simply did not have the necessary expertise to run a chronic pain case. We need to obtain a case at a fairly early stage, before things have gone wrong, if we are to get the best result we can for you.



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