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Developing Fibromyalgia As A Result Of A Road Accident

Dear Brian

road accident

The problem is that court proceedings have been issued. The court has said that I need to provide documents and witness statements by certain dates. I am worried that it is just too early to start doing these things before the medical evidence is complete, but the solicitors are advising me that under no circumstances am I to miss any court deadlines. Why?



Dear Clarence

The government felt it necessary to make sweeping changes to the way the courts deal with claims from April 2013. One of those changes is that the court will not tolerate any more delays in following their timetables in the vast majority of cases. Your solicitors are therefore protecting you by advising you to comply. A failure to do so could cause irreparable damage to your claim. In some circumstances, missing a deadline may mean that you do not receive any compensation!

You should not have to worry too much about the unfinished medical evidence. Your solicitors can advise that the steps you are taking are based on the medical evidence that you have at the moment. Your solicitors can then ask the court for permission to provide updated information once the expert provides a final report.

This is quite a common way to deal with fibromyalgia claims where even the diagnosis can take time, let alone the time it takes to receive treatment and to work out the long term situation.


We do not endorse any research, studies or sources mentioned within our blogs and comments. Furthermore, we do not endorse any medical advice provided, and would strongly recommend anyone seeking medical advice to contact their local healthcare provider.

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3 responses to “Developing Fibromyalgia As A Result Of A Road Accident

  1. it is so unfair where fibro claims are concerned after a crash, my fibro was diagnosed, few years after crash with lorry on m25 so claim was just settled for whiplash

  2. Thanks for sharing the article above! After reading your post I am reminded of how I struggled when I had to face a similar situation. And I would like to express my gratitude to the law firm for assisting me with a case I had no intention of filing. They were kind, courteous and patient with my lack of knowledge of the process. They encouraged and won the case for me. I highly recommend contacting them if the need for a personal injury law in Vancouver arises.

    1. Thank you for your recommendation.

      Disclaimer: Brian Barr Solicitors do not endorse any firm recommended by any outside sources.

      For claims relating to chronic pain related injuries that have occurred in England or Wales please contact us either through our online inquiry form, or by calling 0161 737 9248.

      Brian Barr Solicitors

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