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Fibromyalgia Lawyers in the Spotlight

Adequate legal representation is of utmost importance for fibromyalgia sufferers seeking compensation. A specialist fibromyalgia lawyer is recommended due to the complexity of the debilitating chronic pain disorder and the legalities involved.

Fibromyalgia is a complex condition that affects people in different ways. It’s a chronic disorder, known for disproportionately impacting women over men, with symptoms involving widespread pain, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, fibro-fog, sleep disturbances, sensitivities to the weather, and the list goes on. These waves of inconsistent and unpredictable symptoms make employment too strenuous for many fibromyalgia sufferers to maintain, as we’ve previously discussed on our blog. The majority of fibromyalgia cases develop as a result of an unforeseen accident or trauma. Symptoms often occur suddenly and spontaneously, from a road or work incident, and leave victims unequipped to handle the journey ahead. The specialist legal team at Brian Barr, encompasses qualified fibromyalgia lawyers that understand the complexities of chronic pain conditions and develop positive working relationships with sufferers, as demonstrated in testimonials from past cases. This approach enables the fibromyalgia lawyers at Brian Barr to fully grasp their client’s situation, so their case is best represented in court.

As an expert fibromyalgia lawyer firm, we’re fully up to speed with the ins and outs of these intricate legal proceedings and confidently organise settlements and lead litigation. With over 30 years combined experience of successfully handling cases within the realm of chronic pain, the specialist lawyers at Brian Barr are able to seamlessly pinpoint, in the legal sense, how someone’s condition was initiated and has caused distress. The firm is knowledgeable in the compensation schemes in England and Wales for personal injury and insurance claims. In addition, our roster of exceptional fibromyalgia lawyers are renowned for identifying and pursuing alternative approaches to work around restrictions, such as the statute of limitation for launching a claim, to ensure victims receive the full compensation they deserve. To date, the fibromyalgia lawyers at Brian Barr have secured well over £20 million in damages for the victims they’ve represented. Two examples are provided below:

Brian Barr represented Mrs G.L. of Norwich in her case against her accident claim and achieved a payout of £1.5m. This claimant was working as a carer and suffered two work-related lifting incidents, 6 months apart, and subsequently developed fibromyalgia. In this case, proving liability was extraordinarily complicated, as it was not clear who was responsible for her injuries. Mrs G.L. was privately hired by a lady, who was the recipient of Direct Payments for her condition. However, a charitable organisation facilitated the employment and the local authority supplied the lifting equipment. It was discovered that additional equipment could have been provided by the local authority, to potentially prevent the accidents, but wasn’t. Just before trial, after a long fight, a settlement of liability was reached with the local authority on a 70/30 basis in favour of G.L. and the financial compensation was agreed accordingly. More details on this case are available to read here.

In this case, Brian Barr was successful in achieving a full payout, of £103, 891 for the claimant under her life insurance policy. Mrs. J.G., a 38 year old from Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, was a solicitor and developed fibromyalgia following childbirth, preventing her from returning to employment. Following a long legal pursuit, the lawyers at Brian Barr were able to prove the claimant’s FMS is a permanent untreatable disorder, despite contradictory expert testimony. The onus was on the fibromyalgia lawyers to demonstrate Mrs. J.G. had exhausted all forms of treatment, since the insurance company kept relentlessly suggesting new courses of action in an attempt to deny the claim. After tense negotiations, the insurance company agreed with Brian Barr’s legal team to pay the full amount, as well as interest. To find out more about this particular case, click here.

There is a general misconception that critical illness cover is reserved for specific conditions like cancer, strokes and heart attacks, however, that is not true. Critical illness cover runs similarly to permanent health insurance cover, accident protection and mortgage protection policies. In the event of total permanent incapacity, usually defined as being unable to work until normal retirement, a provision for payment is negotiated. If you’re a fibromyalgia or chronic pain sufferer, contact the legal team at Brian Barr to find out how our fibromyalgia lawyers can assist you.

We do not endorse any research, studies or sources mentioned within our blogs and comments. Furthermore, we do not endorse any medical advice provided, and would strongly recommend anyone seeking medical advice to contact their local healthcare provider.

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