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CRPS Law Explained

As an expert CRPS law firm, we reveal all there is to know about the condition and explain how we can help sufferers claim for the compensation they deserve.


Complex regional pain syndrome, also known as CRPS, is a chronic condition that usually affects the limbs, including the arms, legs, hands and/or feet. In most cases, sufferers are diagnosed with CRPS as a result of an accident or injury and, in this instance, compensation can be claimed. At Brian Barr, we specialise in CRPS law and have secured chronic pain compensation for a wide range of sufferers. To learn more about complex regional pain syndrome and discover how a law firm could help you if you suffer with the condition, continue reading.

What is CRPS?

Complex regional pain syndrome is poorly understood and extremely difficult to diagnose. It comes in two types, commonly referred to as CRPS Type 1 and CRPS Type 2. Due to its severely painful symptoms, the condition can make everyday life a struggle for sufferers and even has the ability to negatively impact relationships with loved ones. Currently, CPRS has no cure, however there are treatments available and sufferers can make specific changes to their lifestyle to alleviate symptoms, such as taking part in light exercise and visiting pain management clinics.

What are the symptoms?

For every sufferer, complex regional pain syndrome is extremely painful, with some describing the pain as a burning sensation. CRPS can sometimes cause the affected limb to change in temperature, skin colour and size. Due to the severity of the pain caused by the condition, CRPS can often cause sufferers to develop further conditions, such as depression and sleep-deprivation.

What causes CRPS?

Complex regional pain syndrome is usually caused by an injury or trauma to the arm or leg. In fact, according to figures, CRPS has been triggered by a history of trauma or injury in over 90% of cases, with the most common causes being sprains, fractures, burns, cuts, bruises, and surgical or medical procedures.

How can CRPS law firms help?

Living with complex regional pain syndrome is extremely debilitating, affecting a person’s overall health and wellbeing as well as everyday life. For some, CRPS can be too painful to work with and, due to this, individuals may experience a loss of income. While CRPS compensation can never fully compensation for the endless suffering and pain caused by the condition, it can certainly help ease the financial burden. With a successful CRPS lawyer by your side, you will be able to secure the highest level of compensation for your specific case.

How do I make a claim?

If you are suffering with complex regional pain syndrome as a result of an accident, injury or an individual’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. First of all, you’re going to need to select the right person to act on your behalf. Find tips on how to select the right CRPS law firm here. Once everything is in place, your compensation claim will be underway. As an initial step, your chosen lawyer may arrange for an independent medical examination to take place in order to assess the severity of your condition and how your life as a sufferer is/ will be affected.

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