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Symptoms Of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Complex regional pain syndrome is a condition which affects different people in different ways. Complex regional pain syndrome symptoms are not the same in every case and though there are some similarities felt by some sufferers it is entirely possible to meet someone else living with CRPS and they have none of the same symptoms as you.

CRPS Symptoms Explained

The characteristic symptom of CRPS is pain. This pain is most commonly described as a burning, intense pain specific to a single location on one of the body’s limbs and it is a pain which is out of proportion to the severity of the injury or the trauma which has occurred. CRPS pain is chronic and it gets worse rather than improving over time and often leads to the development of further symptoms. Below is a closer look at the most commonly known CRPS symptoms:

Hyperalgesia – extreme sensitivity to pain which is out of proportion to the injury or are of trauma
Allodynia – experiencing pain from something which simply shouldn’t be painful such as a light touch, a slightly joint movement or a change in temperature
Temperature differences – in many cases of CRPS (as many as 80% according to have a difference of temperature between opposite sides of the affected area, which may fluctuate for no explainable reason.
Changes in skin, hair and nails – skin may become blotchy, dry or scaly, nails crack and split and hair often becomes thin
Hard, painful oedema often occur over the painful region, adding to the change in the skin’s feel and texture but also creating swelling and pain around the joint.
Limited mobility – the other symptoms of CRPS often lead to movement becoming hard, the joints often feel stiff because of the oedema and underlying pain
Dystonia – sudden and sever spasms, nerve tremors, severe jerking and dystonia are also regularly described by CRPS patients

These are the most common CRPS symptoms that many patients experience but this doesn’t mean there aren’t others. It is also essential you speak to your doctor and seek medical advice rather than making a self-diagnosis as they can do the proper assessment and tests required and ensure the symptoms you’re experiencing are indicative of CRPS.

Click here to understand how CRPS is diagnosed.

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